Cargo survey services, whatever the modality, are able to cover the most important needs of foreign trade operators. Ensuring imported / exported product fully match with the object of the international commercial transaction.

Both in origin and destination, it is essential to achieve transparency and proper functioning of international commercial transactions.Moreover, it is convenient to ensure that the order received corresponds to the agreed upon, considering the material agreement compliance between the goods ordered by buyer and the goods actually delivered by exporting company.

These evaluations, which may be voluntary or mandatory, ensure the conformity of the goods with the order and allow assistance in checking supplier’s quality. On the other hand, contracting inspections at origin and / or destination also allows to anticipate possible incidents with the supplier and to save time.

These arguments lead to the need and convenience of requesting the services of accredited bodies that carry out these evaluations, thus favoring the commercial transaction between international agents. Inspections of goods before, during and at the end of production allow us to monitor the production, verifying that the processes are adapted to requirements and in accordance with technical product specifications.

Other services such as sampling and testing ensure the quality of goods. In this sense, the inspection certificate becomes one of the key pieces of the documentary payment instrument, acting as a guarantee of the sale in execution.

For all these reasons, do not hesitate to contact us and find out if your needs can be met with our cargo survey services.