In all field of transportation, by land, sea and air, our function as a damage commissary in appraisal services is verifying and recognizing a loss, as well as to inspect and evaluate losses and damages caused in the merchandise.

In this sense, we have professional commissioners of appraisals with extensive technical and legislation knowledge. Our performance responds to criteria and principles of objectivity and rigour.

Main functions of damage commissioner:

  • Investigate and evaluate the causes of the damage
  • Give evidence and recognize the loss (Description the status of goods at inspection time)

  • Carry out the appraisal of the loss (Evaluation the losses or damages suffered by the merchandise)

In addition to what was indicated above, the intervention of the commissioner is to participate in contradictory expert appraisal procedures, as well as to recognize and evaluate, on their own or with expert help in cases where their collaboration is required, in the merchandise (if it’s appointed by the interested on it) or in the vessel’s hull (if the person requesting the services is the shipping company) to evaluate and justify the damage, check its scope and, if it’s possible, determine the possible cause of the accident.